The company that operates this website is Your Tour Peru S.A.C. Your Tour Peru SAC, now on YOUR TOUR PERU, is an intermediary that offers tourist activities, now on ACTIVITY (EN), and tour packages, now on PACKAGE (S), on the website: www.yourtourperu.com . All the services offered on the YOUR TOUR PERU website are only available to those who may enter into contracts legally linked to Peruvian law. By accessing the website www.yourtourperu.com you claim to be over 18 years of age and that you have the right to assume binding obligations with respect to any type of responsibility that may arise from the use of this platform. Each type of service offered on the YOUR TOUR PERU platform adheres to the regulations of the following 1: YOUR TOUR PERU recommends planning and booking a minimum of two weeks before the preferred date during holidays and weekends.

1. Definitions

VISITOR is the person who can freely navigate through the website without registering or creating an account. END USER is the person who buys an ACTIVITY or PACK once it has been registered on the YOUR TOUR PERU website with a username and password. ACTIVITY is an activity or a tourist tour that lasts from a few hours to several days. PACKAGE is a set of ACTIVITIES. SUPPLIER is any company or public entity that offers a service of the type: (a) guided, (b) transport, (c) tickets or tickets available for purchase on the YOUR TOUR PERU website.

2. Scope of Our Service

YOUR TOUR PERU is an intermediary that makes the respective reservations of each ACTIVITY or PACKAGE that the FINAL USER purchases on the website www.yourtourperu.com with all the SUPPLIERS related to each ACTIVITY or PACKAGES. YOUR TOUR PERU does not assume any responsibility for the organization of the travel of the END USER that are not included in each ACTIVITY or PACK purchased. With each purchase, the END USER will receive a reservation code that is unique and issued individually with an exact date when the END USER will carry out the ACTIVITY or PACKAGE selected by the END USER during the purchase process. Each ACTIVITY and PACKAGE on the website of YOUR TOUR PERU includes photos, a brief description of the itinerary and additional information. Each ACTIVITY, whether individual or as part of a PACKAGE, is governed by the SUPPLIER's requirements. These requirements will be described on the website.

3. Purchasing process

A VISITOR can add ACTIVITIES or PACKAGES to the shopping cart without registering on the website. Once the VISITOR is ready to make the payment, he can enter the Shopping Cart from there to proceed with the purchase. The VISITOR must register on the website for which he is now will be a FINAL USER. Once an ACTIVITY or PACK has been purchased by the END USER, he will receive an email with the subject: "Payment Confirmation". Immediately, YOUR TOUR PERU will proceed to make reservations with the SUPPLIER that offers the ACTIVITY purchased by END USER. Once each SUPPLIER involved in the reservation process has confirmed the availability of date and time YOUR TOUR PERU will confirm the reservation. This confirmation will reach the END USER through an email with the subject "Confirmation of Reservation", in a maximum of 48 hours from the moment of purchase. This email will contain all the tickets or tickets required for them to carry out their ACTIVITY or PACKAGE.

4. Payment methods

Your TOUR Peru website accepts credit, debit and prepaid cards of the following brands: (a) Visa, (b) MasterCard, (c) American Express and (d) Diners Club.


The purchase of an ACTIVITY, either individual or as part of a PACKAGE, on the page of YOUR TOUR PERU must be made on the date and time established during the time of purchase. If the END USER does not appear on the date and time established in the reserved ACTIVITY and without prior cancellation (in accordance with the terms of cancellation of YOUR TOUR PERU), the ACTIVITY will expire without any claim, refund, interest or penalty in favor of the END USER. The details of postponing or canceling a reservation are included in the Postponement, Cancellation and Refund clause of the 1.

6. Discounts

The discounts allow you to buy the ACTIVITIES and PACKAGES at reduced prices. Discounts are only valid for some ACTIVITIES or PACKAGES for a certain time range in the 1 of each ACTIVITY and PACKAGE. In case there is a system error regarding discounts, YOUR TOUR PERU reserves the right not to proceed with the reservation and contact the END USER so that he can pay the difference. In case the END USER decides not to pay the difference and cancel the reservation YOUR TOUR PERU will proceed with the refund. If the END USER wants to proceed with the reservation YOUR TOUR PERU will send a payment code so that the END USER can cancel the remaining payment to make the reservation.

7. Postponement, Cancellation and Refund

To request a postponement or cancellation, the END USER must contact YOUR TOUR PERU, as long as the postponement or cancellation is made (03) days before the date on which the ACTIVITY will be carried out. Postponements and cancellations only apply for ACTIVITIES that do not require the purchase of tickets or tickets. The END USER must take into consideration that YOUR TOUR PERU will apply additional charges for the postponement or cancellation of the ACTIVITIES that apply for a postponement or cancellation. These additional charges will be deducted from the refund in case of a cancellation and an additional payment in the event of a postponement.

8. Prices

The price of each ACTIVITY or PACKAGE on the website of YOUR TOUR PERU is the final price and includes all the services detailed in the “Activities” and “Packages” sections respectively.

9. Description of ACTIVITY or PACKAGE

YOUR TOUR PERU constantly updates the descriptions of each ACTIVITY and PACKAGE promoted on the website in constant coordination with its SUPPLIERS. However, the content of these descriptions and the availability of each ACTIVITY and / or PACKAGE itself may vary without knowledge of YOUR TOUR PERU by mistake of the SUPPLIER, who is responsible for informing YOUR TOUR PERU about any changes. All of the photographs and illustrations on the website are referential. YOUR TOUR PERU provides information to the END USER of each ACTIVITY regarding the general description, the available schedules, the departure point, which includes, what does not include, the itinerary, the requirements and the recommendations. YOUR TOUR PERU provides information to the FINAL USER of each PACKAGE regarding what it includes, what it does not include, the itinerary and recommendations. The general description of each ACTIVITY and PACKAGE is referential.


Any ACTIVITY or PACK that requires the purchase of tickets or tickets is not transferable. To transfer an ACTIVITY or PACKAGE that applies for a transfer it is necessary to contact YOUR TOUR PERU.

11. Physical disabilities

YOUR TOUR PERU recommends that the END USER contact YOUR TOUR PERU at info@yourtourperu.com before purchasing an ACTIVITY or PACKAGE to clarify if participation in this Experience is possible with a person with disabilities [U8] .

12. Responsibility of YOUR TOUR PERU

As an intermediary, YOUR TOUR PERU will not be responsible for any type of injury or any physical damage caused during the performance of an ACTIVITY or PACKAGE. Both the END USER, as the SUPPLIER and YOUR TOUR PERU agree that any damage will be resolved between the END USER and the SUPPLIER, YOUR TOUR PERU being totally excluded from any process.

13. Property rights

All the contents of this web platform, as well as the software used and required are subject to property rights of YOUR TOUR PERU. Likewise, everything is subject to the legislation on the protection of intellectual property. YOUR TOUR PERU owns the “Your Tour Peru” brand according to its registration at Indecopi in Lima, Peru. The brand, content and work that is available on this web platform or in some way available to people, cannot be published or used for other purposes.

14. Data Protection of the END USER

All personal data that are essential to establish a contractual relationship with the END USER, or the final holder of the experience code, are subject to the Privacy Policy. The END USER will have to agree to these legal conditions during the payment process to ensure that all participants who will carry out an ACTIVITY or PACKAGE agree with these terms of data protection.

15. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

This agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Peru.

16. Claims and Complaints

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection and Defense Code, Law No. 29571, our Platform has a virtual Claims Book in which you can make a complaint or claim regarding the Services we offer on the Platform. The same that can be found here.